The Massage Loft RVA
Mobile Massage Delivery


Are you Licensed?

Yes. Your massage therapist is Licensed by the Board of Nursing in the state of Virginia.

Is there a travel fee?

A $25 flat rate travel fee is already included in our pricing for local areas. An additional travel fee based on mileage will be added to locations greater than 20 miles outside the Richmond area.
ex.) Emporia, Alexandria, Virginia Beach

Will you travel out of state?

No. We only provide massage services within the State of Virginia.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 18 years or older to book a massage. For spa parties, the party host must be at least 21 years of age or older. 

Do you provide massage therapy for children?

Yes. Massage therapy is a great benefit to children who participate in athletics, suffer from anxiety or emotional disorders. The minimum age for a minor to receive massage therapy from The Massage Loft Rva is 10. A parent or legal guardian will need to complete a minor wellness/liability form and be present during the entire session.

What is included in a Signature Massage Party?

We will provide massage table, linens, music, spa decor, souvenir bags & dessert wine or sparkling cider for the party host. Check party details for variations.

What does the host need to provide?

The party host provides the location, access to a water source, food & beverages to serve guests.

Do you do nails, facials, waxing or makeup?

No. However, if you need help coordinating these services for your party we can provide you with some referrals of licensed professionals who specialize in these services.

I am pregnant. Can I still get a massage?

Yes. As long as you are currently in your 2nd or 3rd trimester and you get approval from your doctor.

What is the maximum number of people you can accommodate at one time?

1 therapist can perform up to ten 5 minute massages, five 10 minute massages, four 15 minute massages or two 30 minute massages per hour. Each therapist can perform massages up to a maximum of 5 hours including a 30 minute break.

I'm not having a party or gathering but I still want a massage. Do you provide individual massage sessions?

Yes we do. We exclusively cater our individual in-home sessions to the wellness needs of women, couples & seniors. 

I thought spa services were just a once in a while thing. Can I get them every month or week?

Absolutely. Regular massage therapy can reduce anxiety, improve posture, relieve pain, boost your immune system and keep your muscles healthy.

Do you accept or bill insurance?

No. However, some insurance plans may provide reimbursement for massage therapy. Check with your insurance to see if you are eligible. 

Do you offer any memberships, discounts or pro bono work?

We do not offer discounts or memberships at this time but we love giving back to our community and are always open to volunteering for charity events, fundraisers & working with non-profit organizations.

Do you accept tips?

Absolutely. We appreciate and welcome all forms of gratuity including reviews on Google & our social media platforms. Thank you so much!